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Greece to Sicily 300 3 4-14 Sept Volcano
Sicily to Sardinia 200 2 14-16 Sept Cagliari
Sardinia to Balearics 240 2.5 days 16-22 Sept visit islands
Balearics to Gibralter 400 5 days 22-4 Oct 5 days Gib
Gibralter to Madeira 600 6 days 4-12 October 2 day visit
Madeira to Canaries 240 2.5 days 12-15 Oct Lanzarote poss
Canaries     15-20 Nov

Lucy and James visit. Anne home. Mike arrives



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16th September 2008

off Volcano, Aeolian Islands

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Canaries to Cape Verdes 850 9 days 20 Nov-7 Dec  
Cape Verdes to Barbados 1900 20 days 7 Dec - 1 Jan Mike leaves
Barbados to BVI's 600   1 Jan - Mar Grenada, Grenadkines, St Vincent, St Lucia, martinique,Dominica, Antigua
BVI's to Turks and Caicos Is 500 6 25 - 30 March  
Turks and Caicos     April Dive islands Lucy Jen Jess
T&C to Bahamas 100 2

1-14 May

visit islands
Bahamas to Bermuda 750 8 14-25 May visit islands
Bermuda to Azores 1820 19 days 25-16 June visit islands
Azores to Watchet 1300 13 days 16 - 29 June!


Home !!!


  We hope to update this website frequently via our satellite phone when we are mid-Atlantic! Please keep a look out for us and send us emails whenever you wish. A month at sea together will be quite a challenge and I know that we shall look forward to news from the outside world!  
Enjoy the site and send us positive vibes for our trip. THANKYOU SO MUCH XX