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14th April 2010 - Solo Sailing Pete!

11th April 2010 - let's play catch-up!

22nd May 2009 - Short Stories from Antigua

3rd May 2009 - Diving at last

21st March 2009 - Understanding Barbuda

1st March 2009 - Meeting Old Friends

February 16th 2009 - World Recession!

February 8th 2009 - Poles Apart!

20th January 2009 - If music be the food of life, play on!

2nd January 2009 - We Made it safely across

A Day in the Life of Us at Sea

December 10th 2008 - in the Cape Verde Islands

November 25th 2008 - a month until Christmas. El Hierro

November 17th-21st 2008 - the last Canarian Islands

October 21st - 29th 2008- the Atlantic at last!

October 9th-11th 2008 - a storm to top all storms!

September 27th - 29th 2008 - Pete looks for a new dipstick!

September 18th-23rd 2008 - postscript BBQ Lid and stormy weather.........

September 12-16th 2008 - the story of the missing bbq lid!

September 7-10 2008 - Lakka to Sicily.......

22nd May 2009

Antigua again!

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August 24-27 2008 - Lefkas, Ionian Sea, Greece. Whe- our Atlantic arrival at last!re all ......

August 15th 2008 - our motorcycle trip up to London signified ......

Enjoy the site and send us positive vibes for our trip. THANKYOU SO MUCH XX