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August photos from Greece

Photos Greece to Italy

Photos from Volcano Island

Photo Album 2 to the Balearics

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3rd May 2009

Antigua again!

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Photo Album 3 : Gibralter and onward

Photo Album 4: October in the Canaries : Tenerife

Photo Album 5 : November in the Canaries : La Gomera

Photo Album 6 : En route to Cape Verde

Photo Album 7 : More from the Cape Verdes

Photo Album 8 - The Crossing!

Photo Album 9 - The Grenadines

Photo Album 10 - St Vincent and Mustique

Photo Album 11 - Martinique

Photo Album 12 - Dominica Boiling Lake Trek

Photo Album 13 - Indian River Dominica

Photo Album 14a - Barbuda

Photo Album 14 - Statia LATEST!

Photo Album 15 - Jess and Tom's visit in the Grenadines LATEST!

Photo Album 16 - Lucy's visit in the Grenadines LATEST!

  We hope to update this website frequently via our satellite phone when we are mid-Atlantic! Please keep a look out for us and send us emails whenever you wish. A month at sea together will be quite a challenge and I know that we shall look forward to news from the outside world!  
Enjoy the site and send us positive vibes for our trip. THANKYOU SO MUCH XX