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Lucy asked - What is the best meal that you have cooked so far on your trip?

Up to yesterday I would have said calamaries over rice. I took a can of Greek calamaries in a rich tomato sauce and mixed it with sauted onions, garlic, chopped fresh tomatoes and green pepper. Rich and tasty.

However, Pete was trawling 3 brightly coloured lures from the boat at about dusk and within an hour felt the tug on the line - a young tuna gave little effort to fight. Despite a rolling sea I went below, gutted the fish, cut a few steaks, and fried them in butter. How fresh could that be! They were so tasty only a few plainly boiled potatoes were needed to complete the supper.


20th October 2008

Tenerife, Canaries


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Ben asked - How do you know when the anchor is dragging?

Skipper - there are a number of ways to determine if your anchor is dragging. The best way depends on your situation such as 'are you being dragged into deeper or shallower water?' If shallower an alarm can be set on the echo sounder indicatiing shallower water Other ways are the basic transit on the beam ie two easily identifiable marks, house, tree, that stay in line with each other. Electronic aids can help by placing a mark on the chart plotter and if you go out of a known circle say 50mtrs again an alarm will go off. You can sometimes hear the chain dragging! Your relative position to other boats is an indicator that you are moving - you or them. Hope that answers your question, Ben.

  We hope to update this website frequently via our satellite phone when we are mid-Atlantic! Please keep a look out for us and send us emails whenever you wish. A month at sea together will be quite a challenge and I know that we shall look forward to news from the outside world!  
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