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we are off on an Atlantic Circuit!

What is this you may well ask. Well, it is commonly regarded by yachties as the ultimate cruise - the big challenge - the epic voyage! This is the culmination of Pete's hard work in upgrading and updating Tigress into an ocean going, blue water yacht. The Atlantic Circuit will include the long sail out to the Atlantic Ocean via probably Sicily, the Aeolian Islands (Volcano) Sardinia, Menorca, Gibralter, Madeira, the Canary Islands and the Cape Verdes. From these Portugese shores we will launch ourselves with a fair wind and a rolling sea onward to maybe Barbados or whichever Caribbean island is on our bow!

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11th April 2010

Watchet, Somerset


Solo Sailing Pete!

Lets Play Catch-Up!


Photos Tigress boatyard

Photos :a load of mangos!





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This is not a short hop - it will take many months of preparation and exhaustive sailing.

W have crossed the Atlantic and are now cruising slowly along the Windward Ilses in the Caribbean.!!

Pete is returning to English shores sailing solo from the Caribbean to the Azores, a mere .......... and 25 days alone at sea.



  We hope to update this website frequently via our satellite phone when we are mid-Atlantic! Please keep a look out for us and send us emails whenever you wish. A month at sea together will be quite a challenge and I know that we shall look forward to news from the outside world!  
Enjoy the site and send us positive vibes for our trip. THANKYOU SO MUCH XX